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by The Jippidy Team on January 17, 2012


Who's dining about town in San Francisco these next two and half weeks? It's that time of the year again, when 2-course prix fixe lunches for $17.95 & 3-course dinners for $34.95 abound all over the City! The list of participating restaurants is a veritable Who's Who of the SF dining scene, with over 100 restaurants to choose from! With so many options, it's hard to make a decision as to where to eat.

Personally, I try to look for restaurants that recently opened that I've been wanting to try out (I'm looking at you, Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen!) or some old favorites (i.e. Luna Park, Town Hall, oh my!). Either way, SF Weekly told me I can't take a date out with a Groupon deal (even though I would like to, I just don't wanna look cheap, haha!), so this Dine About Town 2012 is a good alternative.Cool

To help you sift through the many restaurant options at your disposal, we've gone through our entire library of videos to look for a few of those restaurants we've filmed that are participating in Dine About Town, 2012. So go ahead and visit their Jippidy profile so you can read their Yelp reviews, check out their Facebook Fan Pages, see what they're tweeting, but then watch the video to see if it's really a place you'd like to try. Enjoy!

by The Jippidy Team on May 25, 2011

Jippidy Newsletter | May 2011

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by The Jippidy Team on May 11, 2011


Every successful business owner has an idea of what their perfect customer should look like and behave. But for the budding entrepreneur, or small mom-and-pop shop, how do they take that image of a "perfect customer" to differentiate themselves from their competition? To answer that question, you need to drill down into the finer details of who your perfect customer really is.

by The Jippidy Team on April 26, 2011


Jippidy Newsletter | April 2011

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by The Jippidy Team on December 21, 2010


Jippidy Newsletter | 12.16.2010

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by The Jippidy Team on November 3, 2010


Over the weekend I wanted to treat my sister to a nice vegetarian dinner. She's an on-and-off vegetarian that loves the healthy aspects of having a no-meat diet (but she does have her moments when she craves and orders a thick piece of steak). Unfortunately, for the last 3 months, she's been a devout vegetarian and I'll happily admit…  I just absolutely hate our brother-sister bonding days when she refuses to convert into a meat-eater! Those are the days I have to be "considerate" of her needs and actually try to pick a place that I'll like yet is also vegetarian-friendly.

by The Jippidy Team on September 29, 2010


If you're a small business and are fortunate enough to have a little extra cash laying around, you might begin to wonder what is the most effective use of the few extra dollars you have sitting in your pocket. One of the most common questions I see in online forums is the dilemma between which marketing method is better: investing in an online video marketing campaign consisting of free video sharing sites… OR, investing in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and "buying" your way to the top? While both will have their own share of loyal followers, I tend to sway more towards the method that has the best chance of improving your overall organic search engine position.

by The Jippidy Team on September 24, 2010

Jippidy Newsletter | 09.24.2010 :: Top 5 Tweets of the Week, Featured Videos, New Blogs, New Local Deals

by The Jippidy Team on August 16, 2010


Jippidy Newsletter | 08.16.2010 :: Top 5 Tweets of the Week, Featured Videos, New Blogs, New Local Deals

by The Jippidy Team on June 17, 2010


As if you need any more reasons to go out drinking on a Thursday night during the summer in San Francisco, I present to you the top 10 reasons you should join Jippidy & Battledish as we combine forces to bring you a joint Happy Hour event at Eve Lounge on Thursday, June 24, from 5-8PM:

- Reason No. 1: Your first drink is FREE* from 5-6PM! For our Fans who have “Liked” us on our Jippidy Fan Page, your first drink is on us! Because we believe the best things in life, i.e. booze, should be free! (*limited; first come, first served before 6PM; must be a Fan)

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