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by The Jippidy Team on January 17, 2012


Who's dining about town in San Francisco these next two and half weeks? It's that time of the year again, when 2-course prix fixe lunches for $17.95 & 3-course dinners for $34.95 abound all over the City! The list of participating restaurants is a veritable Who's Who of the SF dining scene, with over 100 restaurants to choose from! With so many options, it's hard to make a decision as to where to eat.

Personally, I try to look for restaurants that recently opened that I've been wanting to try out (I'm looking at you, Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen!) or some old favorites (i.e. Luna Park, Town Hall, oh my!). Either way, SF Weekly told me I can't take a date out with a Groupon deal (even though I would like to, I just don't wanna look cheap, haha!), so this Dine About Town 2012 is a good alternative.Cool

To help you sift through the many restaurant options at your disposal, we've gone through our entire library of videos to look for a few of those restaurants we've filmed that are participating in Dine About Town, 2012. So go ahead and visit their Jippidy profile so you can read their Yelp reviews, check out their Facebook Fan Pages, see what they're tweeting, but then watch the video to see if it's really a place you'd like to try. Enjoy!

by Julian Martinez on January 13, 2012


Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking - "ANOTHER 'Best of' list to commemorate the new year?! You're timing is not even right - isn't it supposed to be unveiled at the end of the old year or at the very beginning of the new year?!" I realize you're probably experiencing "Best of 2011" list fatigue and that we're already halfway through January (Happy Friday the 13th!!!), but I swear, I was very busy getting engaged at the end of 2011, so please forgive me that my list is a week later than it should be.

Okay, onto the videos...

by Julian Martinez on October 12, 2011


Given that the web video market is still in its toddler stage, some would even say its infancy, a common question we receive from clients for whom we produce a business video is - I made and love my new video (thanks Web Video Crew!!!), NOW WHAT, how do I get people to watch it?  

If you missed part 1 of this article (shame on you! JK, you can read it here), I shared the easiest, most basic ways of sharing your online video to make sure it can be found and watched. Those things should be done as soon as your video is made, and if you do nothing else, at least do those!

For those small business owners who want to get maximum distribution and viewership of their business video, here are a few more tips. These suggestions are a bit more advanced ways of distributing your video, so you may need to enlist the services of your webmaster to help with these tasks.

by Julian Martinez on October 11, 2011


Just as the theoretical tree that falls in the theoretical forest with no one around to theoretically hear it begs the theoretical question "did it ever really fall?", so too does an online video that gets filmed and edited but not advertised nor marketed beg the question - was the video really ever made? If no one ever watches it, if no one even knows it exists, does it really “exist”?  

You would assume that if someone were to decide to spend money to get a web video produced, he/she would have an idea of how they want to use said video. You would assume... But the interesting thing about online video is that it’s kinda like social media (the two are really first cousins in Internet marketing and search engine optimization) - just as business owners hear the buzz about Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc., so too do they see and hear everyone mentioning online video as the next big marketing wave. They know they SHOULD be doing these things, but they don’t necessarily know the HOW or the WHY behind them.

This makes sense to some degree - both social media and online video are really new toys in the web marketing store. And both are dynamic, fluid, constantly-evolving mediums that are hard to keep up with. Given how fast the online video market is developing and changing, I can’t say the answers I provide them will always be the right ones. I’m 100% certain that I’ll constantly be adding and subtracting to this list of “How To Distribute Your Online Video” tips. But for the time being, the laundry list of tips and suggestions I provide our small business owner clients goes something like this.

by Julian Martinez on September 29, 2011


"It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a strong rhyme to step to” (Shout out to all my hip-hop heads who know the song!)

As you’ve probably (hopefully? maybe? remote possibly?) noticed by now, we haven’t updated our blog in quite some time. You see, what had happened was...

No, no excuses, just an explanation - we’ve been REALLY busy rolling out a bunch of new features, setting up a whole new subsidiary, cranking out new videos, and honestly, not really having much of a summer vacation. But seriously, once you graduate from college, does anyone really have a “summer vacation”?!

So, if we didn’t go to summer camp, nor travel abroad, nor go camping or swimming in the lake or whatever else it is one is supposed to do during the Northern Hemisphere’s longest days of the year, how did we spend the summer of 2011?

by The Jippidy Team on May 25, 2011

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by The Jippidy Team on May 11, 2011


Every successful business owner has an idea of what their perfect customer should look like and behave. But for the budding entrepreneur, or small mom-and-pop shop, how do they take that image of a "perfect customer" to differentiate themselves from their competition? To answer that question, you need to drill down into the finer details of who your perfect customer really is.

by The Jippidy Team on April 26, 2011


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by Web/Graphics Guru on April 7, 2011


Recently, I was in the market for a new place to live. I wanted something that was at least better than what I currently had but no-way was I ready to spend more either. Then I realized that the only way I was going to make this work was to be smart about how I wanted to live. I didn't necessarily need a large place, I just needed a place that was clean, safe, and close to work. I eventually found a place that was far from perfect, but after a little creativity with the interior decorating, I'm beginning to feel like I'm living large on a small budget.


This entire experience in my personal life made me think about how marketers across all industries face similar difficult choices everyday with limited marketing budgets. Just like how a little creative thinking allowed me to transform my less-than-perfect place into one that I'm very comfortable and happy to live in, a little creative thinking is all that's needed to revamp a stale marketing strategy. There are many ways to revamp a marketing plan that cost very little, if anything at all.

by The Jippidy Team on December 21, 2010


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